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NOTE: These guidelines are a rough draft and ideally would be created by the community. To discuss and help refine these community guidelines please see the discussion page

Since this is a public site the following guidelines apply to contributions made by the members of this community.

Any articles, content created, posts, discussions, or uploads should:

  • Should not reference any individual participant under the age of 18 including any imagery of participants under the age of 18 even with the permission of the participant or their parent/guardian
  • Be in line with the mission and values of the AYF
  • Not be in violation of any copyright
  • Should be factual and not opinion (ex: a list of rugby designs by year is acceptable but a list of "best" rugby designs is not)

When creating or editing pages keep in mind that the visitors to this site include but are not limited to:

  • Past, present, and future participants and parents
  • Past, present, and future staff members who may have been or will be your supervisor or team member
  • Board members
  • Donors
  • Local community members and town officials
  • Your parents
  • Anna Kay

Being a public repository we are not responsible for the content that may be posted and the administrators of this wiki will make every attempt to remove any content as soon as possible that doesn't follow the contributing guidelines. If you find content that doesn't adhere to these guidelines please contact an administrator through their talk page or at

NOTE: These rules apply because we are not affiliated with the AYF and do not have their express permission to use any of their copyrighted materials. If by chance you represent the AYF and would like to discuss a relationship please contact us at