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This is a guide for creating new pages in the Four Folds Wiki.

NOTE: Except for during the initial creation period of this wiki new pages won't be needed very often. If you think you need to create a page please search for related content first to make sure there isn't already a page. If there is no page then follow the instructions below to help create a page that is formatted and categorized correctly.

Bulk Creation[edit]

If you are familiar with any sites or programs that need bulk page creation (ex: anything other than Merrowvista site and summer programs) please contact the administrators at so we can help facilitate scaffolding out articles for those items.

Page Creation[edit]

When creating a new page it is often helpful to find a similar page to use as a template. To do this click to edit the existing page and copy and paste all the wikitext to the new page. For certain types of pages that needed to be created often in the initial wiki setup a starter page template was created and listed below:

New Building/Biff/Village/Area Pages[edit]

New building, biff, or village pages shouldn't need to be created very often. Before creating a new building, biff, or village page be sure to search for alternative names as most of these pages should already exist in the wiki. If you find the building, biff, or village under an alternative name you most likely want to create an alternative name redirect instead of a new page.

If a new building, biff, or village page is needed in the case of a new construction or adding a historical building, biff, or village that doesn't currently exist then see the starter page template for help in creation.